Innovations & Trends In Event Management

Keeping up with the latest trends and technology means the most successful and seamless Event Management. There are some amazing innovations to aid in the production of the perfect experience.

The IBeacon.

Beacon 1

IBeacons constantly transmit their presence. They are used in combination with ‘Apps’ programmed to listen for transmissions that allow an attendee to quickly access the right info in the right place, at the right time. This greatly enhances the ‘Event Experience’.

The IBeacon can detect the exact position of IOS and Android User in a building creating tremendous personalization opportunities helping to guide attendees to their destination; to rest rooms, refreshments, break out rooms and information points etc. The attendees could get a welcome message at check-in, special offer notifications when approaching trade show booths or reminder notifications that a session is about to start.

Additionally, you can send attendees ‘push notifications’ with information about the program, guest speakers, etc while they’re waiting in line. It is also possible to send them a personal QR code to make their check-in totally seamless.

Finally, through the IBeacon you can also receive messages directly from the attendees, themselves. Not only does this feature provide valuable feedback, but it also allows you to respond to their needs in a timely manner.

Smart Seating

Smart Seating

Social media provides endless opportunities to optimize an event.

Social seating is assigning seats according to guests’ preferences or personality similarities, as expressed on social media profiles such as LinkedIn or Facebook. The attendees of events are not only there to listen and watch, but to network as well. They’ll appreciate to be seated in a way that facilitates networking, and of course, discourages awkward encounters.

Social seating is made easy thanks to social graph tools such as Facebook’s graph search, which lets you search profiles for shared topics and interests.

Crowd Sourcing

Crowd Sourcing


Event planners are always looking for new ways to boost engagement and keep attendees coming back for more. Crowdsourcing is one of the most efficient ways to do this, and it can help in every stage of the planning.

When the goal of the meeting is problem solving, consider involving a variety of people from different departments who have a variety of different backgrounds. The unique perspectives they bring to the table can often help shed new light on problems, leading to more creative brainstorming sessions and outcomes.

Valuable information can be gathered about event themes straight from the potential attendees pool. Find people interested in the event theme chosen and ask them to submit their own content (articles, photos, videos, etc.) During the actual event, crowdsourcing can engage the attendees with vital interaction. For example, why hire a professional photographer, when people are now equipped with powerful smartphone cameras and apps? You can ask them to submit their own photos of the event, and that will not only drive down costs but provide a more intimate documentation.