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Catchbox Is A Throwable Microphone To Get The Audience Talking

Throw the mic in the air like you just don’t care. Catchbox is a new throwable microphone designed to liven up audience participation, and in turn reduce the faffing around that seems to occur whenever a conference turns to questions from the audience.The brightly coloured padded cube houses a wireless microphone that doesn’t mind being tossed across a room or passed from person-to-person crowd surfing-style. In fact, it’s actively encouraged. That’s because, along with being able to sustain being dropped, the device has been engineered to automatically mute the sound when flying through the air or if it falls.

Although various smartphone apps and cloud-based tools have attempted to lower the barriers of audience participation at live events by enabling the audience to follow along on their own devices or take part in real-time polls, Catchbox’s makers reckon the humble microphone has been neglected.

There are a number of products that are aimed towards increasing crowd engagement. Event apps, voting systems and, of course, conventional wireless microphones. But these can be pricey and complex to set up and deploy, or often require the audience to be educated first and/or download an app.

In contrast, Catchbox’s proposition couldn’t be any simpler. Audiences understand the product immediately: it’s a throwable microphone.

 The hardware start-up isn’t just targeting events with large audiences, such as tech conferences. Other markets include education, company meetings, and consultants, including those team-building experts with their endless supply of counter intuitively awkward ice-breakers, or motivational speaker types.

There is a high expected value from every group session in those fields. This provides a tool that would make each session more efficient. The internet has created new ways for sharing this enhances the sharing of ideas when people physically come together”.

The Catchbox includes a separate receiver that can be plugged into various sound systems including stereos, computers and professional sound equipment.



It’s National Experience Week

It’s National Experience Week


This week is National Experience Week. This week is about making your life and the lives of those you love and care about more fun and interesting.

Why not push the boundaries and live a little with National Experience Week! Do something different, and generally treat yourself to having a nice time. Whatever it is that you dream of experiencing, you shouldn’t let life pass you by without getting around to doing it. You only live once, right? Read more

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