Pack your bags & your Portable Accomodation.

There is hardly anywhere ‘off-limits’ now for your event, for if there isn’t accommodation where you’re going, you can now take some with you. Welcome to Portable Accommodation!

‘Glamping’ has been around for a while now. Perfect for delegates on a team build somewhere off the beaten track. Tent pitched, complete with actual bed, table, chairs and all the home comforts you’d expect from a hotel room – thus satisfying the demand of those who want to experience the positive aspects of camping without the uncomfortable negatives.


Glamping In Style

But it doesn’t stop there! For the more discerning ‘camper’ there are now Portable Hotels. A Pop-Up Hotel’ is a temporary unit built for short term use that can be built anywhere and customised then collapsed and moved to another location. Rooms, complete with beds, showers, toilets and televisions can be packed into a special shipping container. 1 room is 1 kit and 36 kits can fit onto one truck. The ultimate in ‘Glamping’.

portable hotel

  Portable Hotels – A room in a collapsable box

So why don’t you seize the moon in your teeth and give us a call to try and achieve your impossible…..

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