Impress with the Incredible!

If you have one chance to impress your corporate clients and a budget for something a bit special, then impress with the incredible! These are some of our ideas for a stunning and unforgettable experience to confirm your place at the top of the leader board!

Get together under the Northern Lights!

Imagine the ultimate team getaway – or impress your clients with one of nature´s biggest wonders, the northern lights. Pack in thrilling team-building activities, meeting facilities and great food, and you have the recipe for the most successful event ever.


The days of paint-balling days out are over – how about a thrilling husky dog sled through Arctic landscapes? Working in teams doesn´t come more exciting than this.


Packages can be put together to fit every need, with activities, northern lights excursions and meals to really energise and motivate any team.


On top of northern lights, the activities, the food and everything else – the packages can be made to fit in any type of meeting room needs, from small informal meetings, to larger corporate seminars and conferences.

Team Building for the Extreme!

Forget about the standard team-building activities you’ve participated in or heard about. They can be effective, to be sure, but there’s an entire, albeit small, genre of extreme team building. Although some of these activities may not be for the faint of heart, they can and do create powerful bonds within groups. And they feature an emphasis on social consciousness.


One of the best trips is taking executives to the Inca Trail where they descend upon Machu Picchu. Each night the group works on different tenets of leadership and teambuilding (including writing their own epitaphs) and on working together under obvious adverse conditions. This establishes an acceptable definition of success and refines effective methods of communication in an innovative and challenging way.

This strategy allows people to experience team-building ,  in ways that would make delegates examine not only their professional lives but also their personal selves; helping leaders overcome physical and mental obstacles and strengthen their leadership skills.

These discussions could take place in a conference room, and it would still be meaningful. But by being in an exotic place, and watching colleagues and strangers pushing themselves and sharing intense details and leadership styles, creates an inviting, neutral atmosphere that encourages introspection and self examination.

Learn from the cowboys & Indians

There is no finer backdrop for your company’s team building retreat, than Grand Canyon!


Learn the Cowboy ways with a programme of:

Grand Canyon Day Hikes

White water rafting

Fishing the Colorado River

Backpacking and camping

Ropes and challenge courses

Yoga in the Red Rocks, Metaphysical healing exercises, Arizona Native Arts, Gourmet dining under the stars and Swimming at Havasu Falls.  These development exercises produce a rich fabric of learning and memories.

Get in touch with your spiritual side!

Direct Experience with the Sentient Universe with timeless pathways of the soul known as “shamanism” updated for today’s world and mentored in the context of working with nature, dreams and ceremony. These direct experiences of expanded reality and helper spirits shift perceptions and create new neural pathways. New insights flow in that support conscious re-creation of your life in a frequency more aligned with your soul.

Develop an intimate, attentive relationship to Nature and her energies, beings, intelligence and the signs that flow to us to deepen confidence & awareness, release stress, invoke joy.


Learn the ways of the Native American Indians:

A day of mystic insights using shamanic journey.

Noticing signs, connecting with earth energy and inner knowings.

Weave the connections with the spirits of nature, spirit helpers and nature energies for grounding with the Earth freeing your sense of what is emerging for you at this time.

Flowing experiences & ceremonies with water, walking a labyrinth and 4-path Ancestor Wheel to activate your insights. around+the+fire

An American Indian Retreat creates a rich sense of place with authentic, personalised cultural and nature experiences that respect the Native and local peoples and the land from which they spring. It explores in depth the cultures, human history and natural history of the region. It brings together circles of people so the inherent dignity and wisdom of all are honoured, bringing understanding of economic benefits. It shares the love of the earth, teaches principles of minimizing impact to the land and recommends organic foods as a key to good health.

Enter another world!


What could be a better way to build team morale than to head out on a private chartered fishing trip on the Great Barrier Reef? It’s a great way to get staff interacting and having fun on the water. Private snorkel boat charters are also very popular and include Marine Centre staff to guide the snorkelling so your team members will know where to look to find the reef’s best sights.

Most activities offered can be customised for groups, including informative reef walks, where teams are encouraged to don reef-walking shoes to slowly walk to the outer edge of the reef during low tide. Everyone keeps an eye out and it can become a little competitive as people vie to be the first to spot a ray or small shark. Bird walks, island walks and walks to the island’s Research Centre can also be customised specifically for visiting groups. With a group of 12 or more there’s an option to visit your own private island.

Perfect for a business event with its amazing natural scenery and fantastic location to inspire and motivate delegates. Whether it’s for a conference, event, incentive trip, a gala dinner to reward high-performing staff, an expo or simply a meeting, Australia can offer the perfect setting.


Seize the moon in your teeth – call us today and let us put your vision into action.