Meet The Team

Warning, team may contain traces of nuts !

Liesa – Managing Director

Passions in life, besides from the company are scuba diving, socialising and of course travelling.  Working history has covered trades such as mechanics, IT, communications, diving instructor public relations and then finally stumbling into Event Management!  Since then I have not looked back, travel and people are my passion and it’s a perfect mixture for events.  I love the industry, the many hats I need to wear and all the challenges and experiences that it brings along with it!



Emma – Event Manager

After Emma organised her sixth form leaver’s ball she discovered a craze for working in events.  She began studying a degree in events management and completed her placement year with In2Global. Now fully graduated she has returned to the team she knows and loves!  She has a healthy appetite for sports and enjoys swimming skiing and foolishly completed the 2009 London Marathon.  She also has an obsession for JLS, with her desk looking like a small shrine to them.




Megan– Event Administrator 

I am new to the events world but it is already very quickly becoming one of my biggest passions and I can’t wait to travel around the world.  In addition my other passions include music, shopping, small dogs of the ‘pug’ variety, clothes, trainers and make-up, amongst a slight obsession with social media. Family are very important to me, and being a part of a huge family that are so close is one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend, other than going out with the girls of course!!



Nick – Production Director

Nick has a wealth of experience in the production and music industry.   Managing our new arm to the company – In2Live Music.  His day could be involved with anything from checking out new musical  talent, managing bands, meeting with corporate’s  to discuss entertainment needs  and rehearsals – so its safe to say he is jack of all trades!
Out of work Nick loves playing with one of his 18 guitars and baking cakes!



Cathy – IT Manager

Cathy has over 20 years experience in IT for global companies.  She loves everything ‘Techie’, always has a new gadget or app to play with and always making sure we keeping up with technology advances.





Katie– Office Manager

Katie found her passion for the events industry when working at hotels as an event’s organiser, she then took a different path as a PA in the retail industry but always managed to keep herself involved in travel and event planning and enhanced her administration and multi tasking skills. In that time she started a family and now has 2 young adorable children, She loves to watch reality shows and a good drama. Sadly, she also loves making a list and crossing the tasks off once completed!